Онлайн обучения от Elsevier за български изследователи относно подготовка на научни статии

Фонд „Научни изследвания“ съобщава за две безплатни онлайн обучения (уебинари), организирани от издателство Elsevier със съдействието на Министерството на образованието и науката (МОН), свързани с подготовка на научни статии. Обученията са насочени към български учени на теми от всички научни области и ще бъдат на английски език. Лектор е: Katarzyna Gaca-Zając, PhD Eng, Customer Consultant for Central-Eastern Europe, Elsevier.

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Seminar One: How to successfully write a scientific paper? – July 30th, 11:00 CEST
During this webinar the attendees will learn how to successfully write a good quality research paper, which will resonate well with the scientific community and will allow them to gain recognition. A summary of the best practices in writing will be presented and these are based on experience of researchers, editors and readers.
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Seminar Two: Good practices in scholarly publishing – August 14th, 11:00 CEST
This webinar is addressed to everyone interested in the intricacies of scholarly publishing. During this session the attendees will learn about the importance of academic publishing and maintaining its high quality through proper peer-review. Additionally, information on how to recognize good journals will be provided. The training will be concluded by an overview of ethics in publishing, which ought to be respected by all authors, editors and reviewers.
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